What are blackcurrants?
Blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum) are tasty dark-purple cassis berry fruit that grow on a woody shrub. The berry is particularly rich in Vitamins and powerful antioxidants including anthocyanins and polyphenols.

Where do blackcurrants grow?
It is native to northern Europe and northern Asia and is widely cultivated both commercially and domestically. Our special strain (Ben Ard) of blackcurrants are grown in the pristine environment of New Zealand, in the Nelson region, that has an abundance of nutrient rich soil and clean natural water. Nelson's cold winter and strong summer sunlight high in UV rays produces very potent, nutritious blackcurrants.

What are blackcurrants used for?
Some are eaten fresh but most blackcurrants are used to make juices, jams, teas, yoghurts, ice-creams, jellies and condiments. We use blackcurrants to develop supplements based on scientific research.

Are New Zealand blackcurrants rich in Vitamins?
Yes, New Zealand blackcurrants are one of the most nutritionally dense fruit in the world. They are packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium, and Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3 and calcium. Data by the US Department of Agriculture suggests that when compared to blueberries, blackcurrants contain 14x more Vitamin C, 9x more calcium, 8x more iron, 3x more potassium, 5x more magnesium, and twice as much zinc. When compared to other fruits, New Zealand blackcurrants still reign supreme with 4x more Vitamin C than oranges, twice the potassium of bananas and approximately 10x the nutrient density of pomegranates. 

What makes Science + Berries blackcurrants so special?
Besides being grown organically and pesticides free in the pristine environment of New Zealand, our blackcurrants are one of the most nutritious and antioxidant rich berries in the world. But what really sets our berries apart, is that through intensive research, we discovered that some plant properties (anthocyanins) of New Zealand blackcurrants are very unique and can't be found in any other fruit or vegetable. These special anthocyanins play a key role in promoting important health and wellness benefits. 

What are anthocyanins and what makes anthocyanins in New Zealand blackcurrant so special?
Anthocyanins are flavonoids and powerful antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables, specifically as dark pigments to protect fruit against parasites and oxidative stress. More than 600 different anthocyanins have been identified in the family of flavonoids but out of all anthocyanins, delphinindin and cyanindin are the most unique. Delphinindin and cyanindin anthocyanins are believed to provide the most health benefits, especially for vision, brain, metabolism and anti-inflammation support. New Zealand blackcurrant is the only plant out of whole fruits, vegetables and flowers in which 98% of the anthocyanins are composed of only delphnindin and cyanindin.

Could I be allergic to blackcurrants?
Unlike many varieties of nuts and some fruit, there are no known allergies caused by blackcurrants.  

Are New Zealand blackcurrants safe?
The government of New Zealand takes safety of agricultural and horticultural products very serious. We lead the world in environmentally friendly controls to manage pests and diseases. We also established eco-friendly farming practices by working in partnership with leading research institutions, universities and the government of New Zealand. As a result, the New Zealand blackcurrant industry including our farms are recognized domestically and internationally as a safe supplier of blackcurrant products. 

Are Science + Berries products safe?
We are dedicated to high quality and safety. All of all our products are clinically tested and made in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facilities.