How to stay motivated while exercising daily?

Scientists from the leading research institution Plant & Food Research in New Zealand discovered that juice from New Zealand blackcurrants consumed prior to exercising could significantly increase your motivation to exercise.

The research study was published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition and test 40 sedentary adults. They were tested walking for up to two hours at a steady pace, designed not to induce physical fatigue.

They found, that an important component to an individual’s motivation to exercise includes emotions and mood. This in particular influenced their motivation to continue exercising and to adhere to an exercise routine, even when they felt it was becoming difficult.

The study looked at the effects of consuming New Zealand blackcurrant juice rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins (plant chemicals), one hour before staring to exercise. They scientists found that participants who consumed New Zealand blackcurrant juice had a more positive perception and attitude towards exercise exertion at specific points in time over the first one hour, compared to the control group.

Lead scientist and group leader Dr. Roger Hurst at Plant & Food Research states that New Zealand blackcurrants are high in important properties that help your body and muscles recover from exercise and that polyphenols elevated your mood so people felt more inclined to exercise and go for longer periods of time without feeling as fatigued. Hurst further says that the findings had significant health implications, particularly for athletes and also for people that just want to keep fit. Specifically, he says that recovery due to New Zealand blackcurrants occurred in three ways which are managing your body stresses, regulating the inflammatory pathways in the body so that tissue repair was promoted, and lastly, the boosting of the immune system.

These findings are significant, given the association between exercise and the prevention of chronic health issues and maintenance of cognitive function. The current exercise recommendation for adults is about thirty minutes of daily exercise but only 50% of adults stick to these guidelines. Foods or dietary supplements such as Vision Smart Supreme that specifically support the desire to exercise could benefit people wanting to achieve sticking to a healthy exercise routine in order to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

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